January 21, 2018

Best Golf Lessons: How To Improve Your Bunker Play

Some of the best golf lessons have to do with bunker play. There is no doubt but for the reality that players could benefit from receiving some of the best golf lessons to hit from bunkers.

If golfers spent just a fraction of the time practicing bunker shots as they spend at their practice facility hitting their irons and woods they could significantly improve their sand play.

There are several reasons why golfers do not practice bunker shots as much as they do putting and hitting with their woods and irons. Yet most would benefit greatly with some of the best golf lessons from a qualified instructor.

One reason why golfers do not spend sufficient time practicing from bunkers is that some courses simply do not have that many bunkers. Thus, there is little incentive to practice such shots.

Other players resist a lot of time practicing different shots out of sand because they rarely hit into sand, even when there are typical bunkers on the courses they play.

Perhaps the number one reason why players resist using their practice time hitting from bunkers is they find sand play very difficult, the very reason why they should practice sand shots even more.

Here is a portion of a recent article with some golf swing tips about bunker practice:

“Get In There: How many of you can say you’ve ever spent a solid hour in a bunker? Very few golfers ever really practise this part of their game. Everyone is quick to complain about lousy bunker shots, but you have to do something about it. If golfers took just one sand shot lesson and followed it up with 10 hour-long practice sessions over the next few weeks, they would be very good at the shot.” Read more…http://www.ottawasun.com/2012/07/14/ten-tips-for-better-sand-shots

I quite agree with the article.

Practicing sand shots more should improve your golf game but practicing under the instruction of a qualified teacher should improve you bunker play even more.That is, if you receive the best golf lessons available from a qualified coach.

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