January 21, 2018

Tips For golf Swing: Chip From Light Rough Around The Green

tips for golf swingOne of the best tips for golf swing is to chip your ball to the pin when in light rough around a green.

The reason why this is one of the best tips for golf swing is that it keeps the club on line and allows it to roll like a putt.

There has been much discussion through the years as to whether you should pitch or chip your ball to the hole when just off the putting surface.

If the ball is on the fringe of a green I recommend putting the ball.

The odds are much more favorable that your ball will end nearer the cup when you putt rather than when trying to pitch or chip your ball to the hole from the fringe.

However, it is very difficult to putt a ball near the cup when your ball is in the rough around a green, even in light rough.

Thus, we come back to the time-worn debate as to whether to chip or pitch from light rough when off the putting surface.

My experiments validate that on the average you will end nearer the hole when chipping instead of pitching your ball to the cup from light rough.

Obviously, to be an effective chipper you must apply the correct golf method which is not all that difficult.

A good chip requires the ball to be played off the back foot or just inside of the back foot. It then requires freezing your wrists as though they were in cement. This becomes almost too simple to be golf.

From this address position, it then just becomes a matter of learning which club to use and how far to take the club back for each incremental distance from the hole; adjusting for uphill, downhill and side hill shots as well as the fastness of the green.

My experiments demonstrate that you should not take the club back very far when chipping because at a certain point your wrists will tend to break down and compromise the shot. This could prevent you from hitting a straight golf shot directly to the hole

Therefore, instead of just using one club to chip by taking it back further for longer shots, you should use different clubs and take each one back the same amount; using the more lofted clubs nearer the hole and incrementally changing to longer clubs further from the hole.

Better yet, you should practice with incrementally longer clubs so that with each such club you will be able to hit your ball approximately five yards further than with the previous lofted club, when each is taken back the same degree.

Please note that chipping from around the green only applies to light rough, like in the second cut, so to speak.

When it comes to deep rough around a green it is much better to pitch the ball rather than trying to chip the ball to the hole.

Better yet, avoid deep rough at all costs, whether off the fairway or around the green.

The best golf swing instructions for this is to select a club that will carry your ball to your target. Next, you should lock-in a square clubface alignment and an online swing path of your clubface during your setup routine

Then assume a comfortable stance and posture to your ball, center the sweet spot of your clubface as near to the back of your ball as possible, align your shoulders parallel with your target (directional) line, keep your head steady and execute a balanced golf shot.

Then watch your ball fly straight to your target like a laser beam, discounting wind conditions and elevation differentials between your stance and your ball. This truly is one of the best tips for golf swing.

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