January 21, 2018

Tips On Golf Swing: Body-To-Target Alignment Is Essential To Hit Consistent Golf Shots

tips on golf swingBody-To-Target alignment continues to be one of the most significant tips on golf swing because it determines where the clubface will bottom-out during the downswing.

The reason why this is one of the most significant tips on golf swing is that if you change your shoulder-to-target line alignment, your ball placement  correspondingly will change.

If you change your ball placement your shoulder-to-target alignment correspondingly will change. Your shoulders-to-target line alignment is irretrievably connected to your ball placement.

Likewise, your ball placement is irretrievably connected to your shoulders-to-target line alignment. If you change one you correspondingly change the other.

This means to produce a specific ball flight your shoulders-to-target line alignment must be in sync with your ball placement.

When using the Locked-In Golf™ Techniques featured on such websites as http://lockedingolf.com and http://shapinggolfshots.com, you must ensure the sweet spot of your clubface is centered as near as possible to the back of your ball while, simultaneously, your shoulders are aligned parallel with your target line at the completion of your setup proceedings.

If not, the bottom-out point of your clubface will change during your downswing and you will produce some shot other than the one you intended.

For example, if you have locked-in a straight ball flight alignment to drive your golf ball straight but do not have your shoulder-to-target alignment correct as well as your ball placement your swing arc will not bottom-out as your club face contacts your ball and you will mishit your golf shot.

Irrespective of whether you use the Locked-In Golf™ Techniques or not, you should center the sweet spot of your clubface directly behind your ball. At least in that way you establish a constant ball position. It makes for straight shooting golf.

It likewise is important to align your shoulders parallel with  your target line at the same time, especially if you with to produce a straight ball flight directly to the target because a correct body-to-target alignment remains one of the best tips on golf swing.

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