January 21, 2018

Golf Swing Instructions: How To Hit Your Ball When In Trouble Underneath Tree Limbs

golf dvdsOne of the most meaningful golf swing instructions is to learn how to hit your ball when you are faced with a troubled golf shot.

More specifically, one of the most significant golf swing instructions is learn how to hit your gall ball when it is lying underneath tree limbs.

It is not all that unsual to be faced with such a golf shot in a round of golf.

It can happen to you even when you hit some of your best golf shots if the wind is severe and curves your ball off course, only to be found under the limbs of a tree.

In many cases in such an instance, you will not be able to play a regular golf shot even if you otherwise would be hitting a straight golf ball to your target.

Any normal trajectory of ball flight in such an instance would most likely cause the ball to hit the tree limbs.

So what are some golf swing tips to play such a golf shot?

I believe the best golf method to escape from such conditions is to select at least one club stronger than you would use for a normal shot from such distance to your target.

For example, if you would normally play a full wedge from such distance you may want to select a 9 iron instead or maybe even a stronger club, depending on the length of your back swing.

You would next want to play your ball off your back foot but not outside you back foot.

Thirdly, you would want to execute about a three-quarter swing in order to keep the flight of your ball low.

The combination of playing the ball off your right foot with a three-quarter simple golf swing should keep the trajectory of the ball under most tree limbs.

However, since you would not be swinging fully you would need to select at least one stronger club for the shot.

You nevertheless should be able to hit a straight golf shot to your target if you follow these golf swing instructions.

Learning how to hit out your ball from underneath the  limbs of a tree should become part of your golf swing repertoire. It should also improve your golf game immensely.

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