January 21, 2018

Golf Swing Tips: Bob Estes’ Search For The Perfect Golf Swing

golf swing tipsBob Estes has been on the regular tour for more than 20 years, trying out as many golf swing tips as his age. However he never achieved as much success as many felt he should have, despite all the  golf swing tips and experiments he tried in search of the perfect golf swing.

Although at 46 years of age and recovering from a wrist injury, he chose to enter Q school instead of taking a medical exemption for 2012.

The article below explains why he “manned-up” and took the hard road instead of the easy one:

“Estes signed up for the PGA Tour winter qualifying tournament — six sinister and nerve-shredding rounds of golf known as Q-School. He didn’t need to go to Q-School.

No one made him go to Q-School. Accomplished players — especially former winners such as Estes — typically do everything they can to avoid Q-School.

But Estes wanted to go.

“I was probably one of the only guys looking forward to going,” he said last week at Austin Country Club. “I was looking forward to the test.”

Estes tied for eighth at Q-School, giving him even more security for 2012 and providing some important answers to a man so consumed with seeking them. Estes had retained Jim Flick as his swing coach, and the two of them determined to let Estes’ natural swing dictate the shape of his ball flight, rather than the other way around. Estes also had switched to an interlocking grip.

The alterations worked at Q-School. The epiphanies seemed to make sense, like riddles easily solved.”

The full article  by Kevin Robbins is available for review at http://www.statesman.com/sports/golf/bob-estes-returns-to-golf-with-sense-that-2072166.html.

I have always respected Bob Estes because of his dedication to the game and his temerity to continually improve his golf game despite his somewhat lack of success.

Taking the road less traveled in this case only goes to validate his authenticity.

He demonstrated at Q school that he can still drive the golf  ball straight.

Apparently, he relies less nowadays on myriad golf swing tips and much more on his natural ability to play the greatest sport on the planet. Here is wishing him the best for the coming year.

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