January 21, 2018

Tips For Golf Swing: Play Different Courses To Sharpen Your Game

golf swing tips instructionOne of the best tips for golf swing that I have heard lately is to play different golf courses to sharpen your game.

The reason why this is one of the best tips for golf swing is that, by playing different courses, you will be exposed to varying playing conditions which will improve your overall play.

Then when you are playing in competition on a some strange course, you will have had experience in playing almost any golf shot you may then encounter.

As Johny Miller once remarked, you need to play more because simply hitting balls at a practice facility will not provide you with all the nuances you typically will face in actual play.

Likewise, the more courses you play the more of such nuances you will have faced previously when playing on some strange course.

Here is a portion of a recent article on the importance of playing different golf courses.

“For the practice to effectively push your growth as a golfer it is vital to spend as much time as possible on many different golf courses. Each course has its own unique lay-out and terrain presenting shots you might never see if you only play one course. When you practice to play best you must play several courses and try to do so when the course is not swamped with other golfers. Early to mid-week sessions are normally a great time for this as it allows you to go slowly and hit multiple shots from sand traps, uneven lies, the rough, on uphill and downhill lies, and from deep in the trees. Work on hitting different lofted clubs, as well as intentional slices and hooks from each of these lies. Let others play through if necessary so you aren’t holding them up.” Read more…http://onlinegolfswingtips.com/2012/09/26/golf-swing-tips-for-better-practice-results/.

This past summer I vowed to play every course available within 30 miles of my home, considering that I had played very few of them in the past, having been a member of the same private club for many years.

What an experience.

I was tested in almost any way you could imagine from different terrain, elevations and sometime, weird conditions. It gave me a different insight to the complexities of nuances, about which Johny Miller alluded.

Frankly, there are yet a few courses I didn’t get around to playing but, hopefully, I can complete my goal this coming year.

You should do the same in your area.

Most fees are very reasonable these days, considering the economy, even if you are a member of a private club.

It will definitely sharpen your game and could be one of the better tips for golf swing yet.

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